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Networking across Borders and Frontiers

Demarcation and Connectedness in European Culture and Society


Jürgen Barkhoff and Helmut Eberhart

Contents: Jürgen Barkhoff/Helmut Eberhart: Introduction – Robert J. Holton: Network Theories and Network Types – René Sigrist: Scientific Networks and Frontiers in the Golden Age of Academies (1700-1830). An essay with new data – Natalia Tikhonov-Sigrist: Academic Migrations to Switzerland 1870-1914. The networks behind the numbers – Inge Knudsen: Pushing Gender Boundaries. Radical Intellectual Networks around Mary Wollstonecraft – Gábor Barna: Crossing the Borders. The Meeting of Religions and Shaping the Sacred in the Age of Globalization and the Internet – László Mód/Timo J. Virtanen: Vanishing Borders, Expanding Networks. Backgrounds, questions and targets for the Finnish-Hungarian Banat project – Susanne Österlund-Pötzsch: Finland-Swedes. In-between and in-betwixt – Kirsten Patent: The Difficult Relationship between East and West Germans. Examples from ethnological field research – Gillian Wylie: Trafficking in Women. Networks of Knowledge and the Cultural Construction of Europe – Simonetta Grilli/Fabio Mugnaini: Badanti on the Edge. Networks beyond frontiers in domiciliary eldercare. An ethnographic study of migrant women workers and contemporary families in Italy – Niall O Dochartaigh: Conflict, Territory and online Boundaries. Drawing wider Lessons from a Belfast Case Study – Kathrin Pöge-Alder: Storytelling across Borders. Networks of Patterns and Organizations – Jeanne Riou: Aesthetic Imagination as Network? Approaches to Thought and Death in Rilke and Richard Beer-Hofmann – Isidro López-Aparicio Pérez: Networking Across Borders and Frontiers. A graphic metaphor.