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Ritual and Semiotics

With an introduction by Roberta Kevelson


J. Ralph Lindgren and Jay Knaak

Contents: Denis J. Brion: The Ritual of the Judicial Opinion - Vivian Grosswald Curran: What Should One Think of Judicial Ritual in Law? - Antoine Garapon: Que faut-il penser du rituel judiciaire? - David I. Kertzer: The Hammer and Sickle in Court Symbolic Struggle in the Italian Communist Party - J. Ralph Lindgren: Semiosis, Ritualization and Magic - Emily W. Salus: Aladdin and the Law - Peter H. Salus: 'Incest' in Babylonia, Anatolia and India - Agnes T.M. Schreiner: So, this is how it is done... - Christopher Stanley: Si(g)ns of the Flesh: Law, Violence and Inscription upon the Body - James H. Ware Jr.: Legislating Religious Rituals: How Communion is Regulated in Some Protestant Denominations - Willem J. Witteveen: Enacting Law: Ritual Performances in Dutch Political Culture.