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New Insights in Germanic Linguistics I


Irmengard Rauch and Gerald F. Carr

Contents: John Ole Askedal: Non-extraposed adjective-governed infinitives in German - Charles M. Barrack: On the trail of phantom *glitmuneis - Lee Forester: On the pragmatics of umlaut in Early New High German - Kurt Gustav Goblirsch: The cause of gemination in West Germanic - Eugene Green: Presuppositions and semiotic patterns in Anglo-Saxon royal codes - Joshua S. Guenter: If Germanic stops inherited a voicing contrast, why is what we find today an aspiration contrast? - Paul Listen: The emergence of polite Sie in Early New High German - Erik Macki: Towards a diachronic syntax - Enrique Mallén: Nominal genitive arguments and adjective placement in German - Irmengard Rauch: BAG VI: Toward a grammar of German e-mail - Irmengard Rauch: Feature spreading in Old High German and Old Saxon: Umlaut, monophthongization, pragmatics - James A. Ritchie: R Myth-athesis: A perception based approach at understanding some r-related sound changes - Hermann Scheuringer: German word history and German political history: The case of «Januar» and «Jänner» - Sang Hwan Seong: Semantic transparency and its implications: With special reference to German and Korean as SOV type.