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Official Bilingualism and Linguistic Communication in Cameroon- Bilinguisme officiel et communication linguistique au Cameroun

Bilinguisme officiel et communication linguistique au Cameroun


George Echu and Allan W. Grundstrom

Contents: George Echu: Introduction: Genèse et évolution du bilinguisme officiel au Cameroun – Etienne Zé Amvela: The Teaching of English in Francophone Primary Schools in Cameroon – Wilson Atem Ebot: Attitudes of Anglophones Studying English in Cameroon – Thomas Penn Tamba: Attitudes and Motivation of Francophone Cameroonian Learners of English Revisited – Dassi: D’une contribution grammaticale et normative du distributionnalisme à l’enseignement du français langue étrangère – Edmond Biloa: Bilingual Education at the University of Yaounde I: The Teaching of French to English-Speaking Students – David Ngamassu: Le Bilinguisme dans l’enseignement extra-scolaire au Cameroun – Paul Mbangwana: The Linguistic Deculturation of English Usage in Cameroon – Jean-Paul Kouega: The Influence of French on Cameroon English: A Case Study of the Registers of Administration and Finance – George Echu: Usage et abus de langage au Cameroun – Etienne Zé Amvela: English and French in Cameroon: A Study of Language Maintenance and Shift – Edmond Biloa: Structure phrastique du camfranglais: Etat de la question – Charles Alobwede d’Epie: African Indigenous Languages as Semi-Official Languages – George Echu: Conclusion: Le Bilinguisme officiel au Cameroun: Critique et perspectives.