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Perspectives in Critical Thinking

Essays by Teachers in Theory and Practice


Danny Weil and Holly Kathleen Anderson

Contents: Danny Weil/Holly Kathleen Anderson: Introduction – Danny Weil: Learning to Reason Dialectically: Teaching Primary Students to Reason Within Different Points Of View – Joe L. Kincheloe: Making Critical Thinking Critical – Peter M. Appelbaum: Eight Critical Points for Mathematics – Greg Sarris: Storytelling in the Classroom: Crossing Vexed Chasms – Nancy P. Kraft: The Role of Service-Learning in Critical Thinking – Jenice L. View: Inviting Youth into Civic Action – Raymond A. Horn, Jr.: Becoming A Critical Teacher – Valerie J. Janesick: Using a Journal to Develop Reflective and Critical Thinking Skills in Classroom Settings – Kevin Tavin: Just Doing It: Towards a Critical Thinking of Visual Culture – David B. Pushkin: Critical Thinking in Science - How Do We Recognize It?