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Teaching Composition/Teaching Literature

Crossing Great Divides


Michelle M. Tokarczyk and Irene Papoulis

Contents: Michelle M. Tokarczyk/Irene Papoulis: Introduction – Marilyn Rye: Using Composition Strategies in the Literature Classroom to Develop «Critical» Readers and «Critical Relativism» – Evelyn Pezzulich: Shifting Paradigms: The Reemergence of Literary Texts in Composition Classrooms – Steven Frye/Eric Carl Link: Academic Writing and the Humanities: An Option for Literature-Trained Ph.D.s – Lynn Z. Bloom: Coming of Age in a Field That Had No Name – Carol Poston: Teaching Across the Boundaries: Discovery in Literature and Research-Writing Classrooms – James N. Mancall: Up the Down Staircase: Literature Ph.D.s Working in The Divide – Martha F. Bowden: Teacher and Scholar: Reconciling Literature and Composition – Joanne Farrell: Scholarship or Service: Negotiating the «Great Divide» – Joanne M. Podis/Leonard A. Podis: Beyond Fear and (Self-)Loathing in the Composition-Literature Wars: Contextualizing the Politics of Writing Assignments in English Studies – Judith Burdan/Julie Ann Hagemann: Good Fences Don’t Always Make Good Neighbors: Using Rhetorical Reading to Bridge the Gap Between Literature and Writing – Peter Elbow: The Cultures of Literature and Composition: What Could Each Learn from the Other?