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Critical Theory and the Human Condition

Founders and Praxis


Michael Peters, Colin Lankshear and Mark Olssen

Contents: Michael Peters/Colin Lankshear/Mark Olssen: Introduction: Critical Theory and the Human Condition – Ilan Gur-Ze’ev: Critical Theory, Critical Pedagogy and the Possibility of Counter-Education – Robert A. Davis: Down Sudden Vistas: Walter Benjamin and the Waning of Modernity – Colin Lankshear: On Having and Being: The Humanism of Erich Fromm – Douglas Kellner: Marcuse and the Quest for Radical Subjectivity – James C. Conroy: «What rough beast...»: On Reading Arendt after the Twin Towers – Grant Gillett: Marx, Wittgenstein, and the Problem of Consciousness – Robert Young: Habermas’s Postmodernism – Deborah P. Britzman/Don Dippo: Admitting «A Perhaps»: Maxine Greene and the Project of Critical Theory – Henry A. Giroux: Pedagogy of the Depressed: Beyond the New Politics of Cynicism – Peter Roberts: Knowledge, Dialogue, and Humanization: Exploring Freire’s Philosophy – Laurence Parker: Critical Race Theory in Education: Possibilities and Problems – Stephen May: Critical Multiculturalism – Erica McWilliam: The Grotesque Body as a Feminist Aesthtic? – Tom Steele: Critical Theory and British Cultural Studies – Timothy W. Luke: Critical Theory and the Environment.