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Dangerous Coagulations?

The Uses of Foucault in the Study of Education


Bernadette Baker and Katharina M. Heyning

Contents: Bernadette Baker/Katharina E. Heyning: Dangerous Coagulations? Research, Education, and a Traveling Foucault – Inés Dussel: Fashioning the Schooled Self Through Uniforms: A Foucauldian Approach to Contemporary School Policies – David Kirk: Beyond the «Academic» Curriculum: The Production and Operation of Biopower in the Less-Studied Sites of Schooling – Erica McWilliam: What Does It Mean to Feel Like Teaching? – Kenneth Hultqvist: The Traveling State, the Nation, and the Subject of Education – Thomas S. Popkewitz: The Reason of Reason: Cosmopolitanism and the Governing of Schooling – Lisa Weems: Troubling Professionalism: Narratives of Family, Race, and Nation in Educational Reform – James D. Marshall: Michel Foucault: Marxism, Liberation, and Freedom – Patti Lather: Foucauldian «Indiscipline» as a Sort of Application: Qu(e)er(y)ing Research/Policy/Practice – Valerie Harwood/Mary Louise Rasmussen: Studying Schools with an «Ethics of Discomfort» – Elizabeth Adams St. Pierre: Care of the Self: The Subject and Freedom – Dawnene D. Hammerberg: Technologies of the Self in Classrooms Designed as «Learning Environments»: (Im)possible Ways of Being in Early Literacy Instruction – Cathy A. Toll/Thomas P. Crumpler: Everything Is Dangerous: Pastoral Power and University Researchers Conducting Interviews.