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The Dynamics of Changing Rituals

The Transformation of Religious Rituals within Their Social and Cultural Context


Jens Kreinath, Constance Hartung and Annette Deschner

Contents: Jens Kreinath/Constance Hartung/Annette Deschner: Introduction – Don Handelman: Re-Framing Ritual – James W. Fernandez: Contemporary Carnival (carnaval) in Asturias: Visual Figuration as a ‘Ritual’ of Parodic Release and Democratic Revitalization – Susanne Schröter: Rituals of Rebellion - Rebellion as Ritual: A Theory Reconsidered – Achsah Guibbory: Communion, National Community, and the Challenge of Radical Religion in Seventeenth-Century England – Dietrich Harth: Artaud’s Holy Theater: A Case for Questioning the Relations between Ritual and Stage Performance – Anette Rein: Balinese Temple Dances and Ritual Transformations in the Process of Modernization – Klaus-Peter Köpping: Failure of Performance or Pressage to the Acting Self? Mishima’s Suicide between Ritual and Theater – Günter Thomas: Changing Media - Changing Rituals: Media Rituals and the Transformation of Physical Presence – Patricia B. Ebrey: The Incorporation of Portraits into Chinese Ancestral Rites – Martin Gaenszle: Transgenerational Change: The Social Process of Transmitting Oral Ritual Texts among the Rai in East Nepal – Alexander Henn: Politics of Acculturation: The Dynamics of Hindu-Christian Ritual in Goa, India – Peter Weber: Shifts in Place and Meaning: The History of Two Cult Centers in Pre-Colonial Tanzania – William D. Furley: Athens and Delos in the Fifth Century B.C.E.: Ritual in a World of Shifting Allegiances – Tzvi Abusch: Considerations when Killing a Witch: Developments in Exorcistic Attitudes to Witchcraft in Mesopotamia – Andreas Odenthal: Ritual between Tradition and Change: The Paradigm Shift of the Second Vatican Council’s Liturgical Reform – Matthias Jung: Expressive Appropriateness and Pluralism: The Example of Catholic Liturgy after Vatican II – Michael Stausberg: Patterns of Ritual Change among Parsi-Zoroastrians in Recent Times – Jan G. Platvoet: Ritual as War: On the Need to De-Westernize the Concept – Jens Kreinath: Theoretical Afterthoughts.