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Culture and the Condom


Karen Anijar and Thuy DaoJensen

Contents: Peter McLaren: Foreword – Karen Anijar: Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: Christians, Condoms, Curriculum, and Apocalyptic Sexuality – Thuy DaoJensen: When Condoms Go Bad: From Safe Sex to Five Microns to Killer Condom – Jessamyn Neuhaus: Queer Eye on the Straight Guy’s Condoms – Mary M. Dalton: Making Condoms Transgressive: South Park and «Proper Condom Use» – Chris Bell: Don’t Avoid or Make Void the Topic – James H. Sanders: Exchanging Fluid Discourses of Social Dis-ease: Visual Cultural Studies as Prophylactic Praxis as Rough Trade – Michael J. Nanna: Condoms, Penis Size, and Statistics: One Size Definitely Does Not Fit All! – Mark Lipton: The Condom in History: Shame and Fear – Devon C. Adams: Stiff Competition: A Thrust for Condom Education – Charla Triplett: Engineering the Condom – Dacia Charlesworth: Sanctioned Discourse: Women, Condoms, and HIV/AIDS in Early 1990s Government Brochures – Janis Faye Hutchinson: Female Identity and the Construction of Condom Use Among Young African-American Women – Thuy DaoJensen: Latex Condom Fashions – Vern L. Bullough: The Condom King – Ahmed Afzal: Family Planning and Male Friendships: Sathi Condom and Same-Sex Sexual Desire Among Men in Pakistan – Jill Scott: The Colors of the Condom: Benetton’s Seductive Images – Angelika Foerst: Condom Flowers.