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The Notion of Intercultural Understanding in the Context of German as a Foreign Language

in collaboration with Jeanne Riou


Theo Harden and Arnd Witte

Contents: Hans-Jürgen Heringer: How to Improve Your Understanding – Gerhard Neuner: The ‘Key Qualifications’ of Intercultural Understanding and the Rudiments of Intercultural Foreign Language Didactics and Methodology – Arnd Witte: How to be an Alien - Learning a Foreign Language and Understanding Culture – Adelheid Hu: Intercultural Learning and its Difficult Aspects - An Analysis of the Criticism in Relation to a Controversial Concept – Theo Harden: The Limits of Understanding – Hans-Jürgen Krumm: The Languages of our Neighbours - How Realistic is a Concept of Multilingualism in a Multilingual and Multicultural Europe? – Lothar Bredella: The Significance of Intercultural Understanding in the Foreign Language Classroom – Hannes Kniffka: Alien Reading - Newspaper Ads in Intercultural Understanding – Anne Fuchs: How to be a Pilgrim and a Cartographer at the Same Time - Some Deliberations on Intercultural Understanding – Sabine Strümper-Krobb: Understanding Culture and Cultural Differences through Literary Translation Studies – Emer O’Sullivan/Dietmar Rösler: ‘We’re not like that!’ - Using Stereotypes of the Learners’ Culture in Target Language Texts to Increase Intercultural Awareness – Elke Hentschel: Cold at Heart - Some Personal Observations on Intercultural Misunderstandings – Vridhagiri Ganeshan: Intercultural Mis(s)-understanding between Indians and Germans - Some Observations from an Indian Perspective – Marlene Rall: Last Glances of the ‘Imperial Eyes’ - Cooperative Principle and Intellectual Styles in the Mexican Foreign Language Classroom.