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In Practice

Adorno, Critical Theory and Cultural Studies


Holger Matthias Briel and Andreas Kramer

Contents: Holger Briel/Andreas Kramer: Introduction – Josh Cohen: Dialectic of Entanglement: Adorno, Auschwitz, and the Contradictions of Representation – Ben Morgan: Dialectic of Enlightenment: A Missing Link in Histories of the Self – Arne Klawitter: ‘We must produce something that doesn’t yet exist’: Tasks and Problems in Adorno’s and Foucault’s Social Criticism – Ingolfur Blühdorn: From Critical Theory to the Theory of Societal Self-Critique: Ulrich Beck’s Attempt at Saving the Critical Project – Colin B. Grant: Fictions and Counterfactual Ideals in the Concept of ‘Intersubjectivity’ – Holger Briel: Thinking Adorno: The Necessity of Poetry – Michael Spindler: Adorno’s Critique of Veblen – Martin Roiser: The American Reception of The Authoritarian Personality – Amresh Sinha: Adorno on Mimesis in Aesthetic Theory – Martin Brady: Film as Music and Script: Adorno’s Transparencies on Film – Eugenia Afinoguénova: Adorno - a Farce Character, or: The Origins of Cultural Critique in Spain – Rajeev S. Patke: Adorno: An Asian Extrapolation.