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A Road Less Traveled

Critical Literacy and Language Learning in the Classroom, 1964–1996


Robert W. Blake and Brett Elizabeth Blake

A Road Less Traveled: Critical Literacy and Language Learning in the Classroom, 1964–1996 takes us through what Robert W. Blake calls the "jaunty journey" of the English/English Language Arts classroom from its linguistic and literature foundations, to emphases on close reading techniques and structures to composing and responding to literature. A Road Less Traveled heads bumpily into the path of learning how to work with "non-native speakers" and other "basic" students toward a (re)-burst of a renewed interest in poetry and drama, reader response, a process approach to writing, and the diverse student, showing through the often winding and blurry road along the journey of our literacy travels over 30 years, that what we understood best about reading and writing has stood the test of time.

Acknowledgments – Introduction – Behavioral Objectives and the Teaching of English (1971) – I See You, I Hear You, You’re OK: Humanizing the English Classroom (1974) – The New English: Hot Stuff or Cool, Man, Cool? (1970) – Linguistics and the Teacher (1965) – Once Upon a Morpheme: An NDEA Institute in Applied Linguistics for the Elementary School Teacher (1967) – I See What You Mean—But Not by Words: Extraverbal Communication (1973) – The Composing Process and Its Relationship to the Teaching of Writing (1980) – Teaching Ideas: Back-to-basics: How To Talk to a Writer, or Forward to Fundamentals in Teaching Writing (1976) – Composing for the Left Hand: Writing Activities for the Intermediate Grades (1978) – Composing as the Curriculum: The Albion Writing Project (1979) – Setting Up an Effective Writing Program in the Schools (1981) – Assessing English and Language Arts Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Writers and Writing (1976) – Poets on Poetry: Writing and the Reconstruction of Reality (1990) – Poets on Poetry: One Way To Write a Poem (1991) – Poets on Poetry: The Morality of Poetry (1992) – Responding to Poetry: High School Students Read Poetry (1986) – Using the Personal Response To Become a Learning Community: A Model for Secondary Students To Learn To Read Short Fiction (1991) – Reader Response: Toward an Evolving Model for Teaching Literature in the Elementary Grades (1996) – The Play’s the Thing for Middle School Students (1989) – Converting Narrative into Drama: Using the Composing Process To Integrate the Language Arts (1982) – Starting Off a Non-native Student in a College Basic Skills Classroom (1982) – A New Look at Basic Skills Writing Instruction: A Teacher Workshop for Basic Skills Writing in the Secondary Schools (1983) – How Can We Help Our Teen-agers? (1966) – Is Teacher Education Governable? (1973) – Index.