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Counter-Cultures in Germany and Central Europe

From "Sturm und Drang</I> to Baader-Meinhof

Steve Giles and Maike Oergel

Contents: Steve Giles: Introduction: Culture as Counter-Culture – Gustav Frank: Sturm und Drang: Towards a New Logic of Passion and the Logic of German Counter-Cultures – Nicholas Saul/Susan Tebbutt: Gypsies, Utopias and Counter-Cultures in Modern German Cultural History – Maike Oergel: Revolutionaries, Traditionalists, Terrorists? The Burschenschaften and the German Counter-Cultural Tradition – Carl Weber: Performing Counter-Culture in the Vorstadt: Nestroy’s Theatre in Times of Reaction and Revolt – Malcolm Humble: Das Reich der Erfüllung: A Theme in Wilhelmine Counter-Culture – David Midgley: ‘Los von Berlin!’ Anti-Urbanism as Counter-Culture in Early Twentieth-Century Germany – Margarete Kohlenbach: Walter Benjamin, Gustav Wyneken and the Jugendkulturbewegung – Colin Riordan: The Green Alternative in Germany 1900-1930 – Sabine Egger: The Roots of the East German ‘Green’ Movement in the 1950s – Stefan Busch: Bluthochzeit mit Mutter Erde: Repression und Regression in der Blut-und-Boden-Literatur – Steve Giles: Limits of the Visible: Kracauer’s Photographic Dystopia – Jerome Carroll: The Art of the Imperceptible: A Discussion of the Aesthetics of Wolfgang Welsch – Carmel Finnan: The Challenges of Zürich’s Autonomous Youth Movement – Matthias Uecker: Aufrufe, Bekenntnisse, Analysen: Zur Politisierung der westdeutschen Literatur in den sechziger Jahren – Ingo Cornils: Writing the Revolution: the Literary Representation of the German Student Movement as Counter-Culture – Jamie Trnka: The West German Red Army Faction and its Appropriation of Latin American Urban Guerilla Struggles – Gerrit-Jan Berendse: Aesthetics of (Self-)Destruction: Melville’s Moby Dick, Brecht’s The Measures Taken and the Red Army Faction – Uwe Schütte: ‘Heilige, die im Dunkel leuchten’: Der Mythos der RAF im Spiegel der Literatur nachgeborener Autoren – Moray McGowan: Ulrike Meinhof im Deutschen Drama der Neunziger Jahre: Drei Beispiele.