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After Intimacy

The Culture of Divorce in the West since 1789


Karl Leydecker and Nicholas White

Contents: Nicholas White/Karl Leydecker: Introduction: After Intimacy – Karl Leydecker: Divorcing Women: Divorce and the Rise of the Women’s Novel in Germany, 1784-1848 – Barbara Leckie: ‘One of the Greatest Social Revolutions of Our Time’: The Matrimonial Causes Act, Divorce Court Journalism, and the Victorian Novel – Nicholas White: Parallel Lives and Novel Series: French Women’s Writing on Divorce from the Second Empire to the First World War – Janet Garton: After the Door Slams: The Depiction of Divorce in Nineteenth-Century Scandinavia – Anne Humpherys: The Three of Them: The Scene of ‘Divorce’ in Nineteenth-Century English Fiction – Debra Ann MacComb: Is Nothing Sacred? Dissolving Bo(u)nds in American Divorce Fiction, 1880-1920 – Helena Goscilo: From Stigma to Enigma: Adultery, Triangulation, and Divorce à la Russe – Page Dougherty Delano: After Cavell: Continual Ban, Continual Divorce in American Films, 1939-61 – Lynne Pearce: After the Twilight: Intimacy and its Demise in Late Twentieth-Century Lesbian Romance – Traci Pipkins: Numbed Suburban Lifestyles Versus Gluttonous Self-Love: Woody Allen, Marriage, and Divorce – Janet McCabe/Kim Akass: Married to the Mob: Separation and Divorce in The Sopranos.