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Inter- and Intracultural Differences in European History Textbooks


Carol Morgan

Contents: Carol Morgan: Textbook Analysis and Cultural Comparison – Kate Hawkey/Carol Morgan: Teaching ‘The Romans’ in an English Primary School Context – Albane Cain: The Discourse of French History Texts: Structure, Tasks and Cultural Priorities – Eva Trumpp: Multiperspectivity in German History Textbooks: From Comprehension and Critical Thinking to Process Orientation and Intercultural Learning. A Case History from Rhineland Palatinate (RLP) – Cristina Allemann-Ghionda: Historical Knowledge for Everybody or for the Happy Few? Teaching ‘The Romans’ in North Rhine Westphalia (Germany) – Agostino Portera: The Romans in School Textbooks in Italian Primary Schools: An Investigation of Prejudices, Stereotypes and Intercultural Pedagogy – Elisabeth Fattinger: Austrian History Curricula and Textbooks: Intracultural Discontinuities – Fionnuala Waldron: ‘A Nation’s Schoolbooks Wield a Great Power’: How the Romans are Depicted in Irish History Textbooks – Carol Morgan: Inter- and Intracultural Differences in European History Textbooks.