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Elza Adamowicz

Contents: Elza Adamowicz: Introduction – Roger Cardinal: Breton’s travels – David Pinder: Urban encounters: dérives from Surrealism – Marie-Claire Barnet: L’Amour flou: Joyce Mansour on (fe)male desires – David Lomas: Vertigo: on some motifs in Masson, Bataille and Caillois – Johanna Malt: Recycling, contamination and compulsion: practices of the objet surréaliste – Jonathan Eburne: Locked room, bloody chamber – Jacqueline Rattray: Crossing the French-Spanish border with José Maria Hinojosa – Michel Remy: British surrealist painting and writing: re-marking the margin – David Bate: The space of the other – Elza Adamowicz: Off the map: Surrealism’s uncharted territories.