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Semiotic Evolution and the Dynamics of Culture


Marcel Bax, Barend van Heusden and Wolfgang Wildgen

Contents: Barend van Heusden: A bandwidth model of semiotic evolution – Guido Ipsen: Evolution of culture and the history of the media – Edwina Taborsky: The evolution of semiosic dynamics – Dirk Siefkes: Semiosis as evolution in the development of mind and culture: Computer science as technical semiotics – Martina Plümacher: Dealing with the diversity of sign systems in human culture – J. Raymond Zimmer: Semiotic questions raised by the evolution of talk and the emergence of complex society – Wolfgang Wildgen: The Paleolithic origins of art, its dynamic and topological aspects, and the transition to writing – Marcel Bax: Out of ritual. A semiolinguistic account of the origin and development of indirect language behavior – Valérie Bonnet: From alchemy to chemistry. A chapter in the evolution of chemical symbol systems – Bernhard Ridderbos: Mythic - religious - esthetic. Experiencing Bellini’s Brera-Pietà – Anne Magnussen: (Re)construction of the past as constitution of the present: The representation of francoism in Spain, 2000 – Elizabeth J. Brouwer: License to kill. Epistemological frames and animal consciousness – Michael Boyden: Culture is/as code? Semiotic and systemic perspectives – Marcel Bax/Barend van Heusden: Controversial issues in evolutionary semiotics: Epilogue.