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The Games of Fiction

Georges Perec and Modern French Ludic Narrative


David Gascoigne

Contents: Ludic writing: the problem of definition – Serious games and concepts of play – From Roussel to Oulipo: influences and exemplars – Serialism: from music to writing – The Nouveau Roman: some ludic perspectives and practices – Perec and ludic form (1): from Les Choses to Un homme qui dort – Perec and ludic form (2): from La Disparition to W ou le souvenir d’enfance – Perec’s ludic programme for La Vie mode d’emploi – The clinamen: the play in the system – The play of voices in La Vie mode d’emploi – Reading the adversary in La Vie mode d’emploi – Picture puzzles and frame games: from La Vie mode d’emploi to Un cabinet d’amateur and ‘53 jours’.