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Bible in the Christian Orthodox Tradition

Edited By Vahan S. Hovhanessian

This series aims at exploring and evaluating the various aspects of biblical traditions as studied, understood, taught, and lived in the Christian communities that spoke and wrote – and some continue speaking and writing – in the Aramaic, Arabic, Armenian, Coptic, Georgian, Romanian, Syriac, and other languages of the Orthodox family of churches. A particular focus of this series is the incorporation of the various methodologies and hermeneutics used for centuries in these Christian communities, into the contemporary critical approaches, in order to shed light on understanding the message of the Bible. Each monograph in the series will engage in critical examination of issues raised by contemporary biblical research. Scholars in the fields of biblical text, manuscripts, canon, hermeneutics, theology, lectionary, Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha will have an enormous opportunity to share their academic findings with a worldwide audience. Manuscripts and dissertations, incorporating a variety of approaches and methodologies to studying the Bible in the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox traditions – including, but not limited to, theological, historiographic, philological and literary – are welcome.