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Medienästhetik und Mediennutzung. Media Production and Media Aesthetics

Edited By Kerstin Stutterheim and Martina Schuegraf

Media production and media aesthetics are corresponding aspects of the discussion surrounding media that form a single unit. The series focuses partly on works about the aesthetic-dialectic analysis of media design. Areas of interest include media technology development and the resulting changes in both media design and what is expected of media. At the same time, digital and online media are influencing usage to a large extent. Authors in this series address these impacts and examine the extent to which changed forms of use are encouraging the development of new technologies and applications. By linking these interacting areas, we want this series to encourage and promote discussion between the disciplines.

The volumes 1–4 have been published under Babelsberger Schriften zu Mediendramaturgie und -Ästhetik.

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Prof. Dr. Kerstin Stutterheim

Prof. Dr. Martina Schuegraf