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Sport in East and Southeast Asian Societies

Geopolitical, Political, Cultural and Social Perspectives

Edited By James Mangan

Modern sport is emotionally essential to billions worldwide providing ecstasy, escapism and excitement. It is simultaneously witness to a tectonic geopolitical, political, cultural and social shift in performance – West to East! It is experiencing a global transformation in the wake of contemporary East Asian confidence, self-belief and performance symbolised dramatically by Beijing 2008 – a harbinger of shifting geopolitical ‘plates’!


‘From the moment of the birth of the “New China”, sport has been a (political) means of internal and external projection illustrating the capacity of the system and people to more than hold their own with those of other nations. In short, sport has been the chosen (pacific) “stage” on which the Chinese perform in pursuit of world recognition, respect and esteem...’

(Statement in the Flyer for Beijing 2008: Preparing for Glory: Chinese Challenge in the 'Chinese Century'. Editors: J.A.Mangan and Jinxia Dong, London, Routledge, 2009.)

The ‘Soccer Revolution’ of President Xi is thus part of a parcel-a past, present and future parcel! It will continue the pursuit of the Chinese ambition of global sports domination set in motion so successfully in 2008.


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