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New Approaches to Materials Development for Language Learning

Proceedings of the 2005 joint BALEAP/SATEFL conference

Olwyn Alexander

This volume contains a selection of papers from the joint conference run by the British Association for Lecturers of English for Academic Purposes (BALEAP) and the Scottish Association for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (SATEFL) held in Edinburgh in 2005. It highlights current issues in the teaching of English for academic and specific purposes. The papers reflect the willingness of teachers and researchers of EAP to come together specifically to share good practice in the development of learning and teaching materials and to focus on how this good practice is underpinned by insights from research. A number of key themes run through the collection: the increasingly diverse nature of the student population, socialisation of these students within their specific fields of study, research in genre analysis and corpus linguistics to understand these fields and design targeted teaching materials, the importance of critical thinking and academic literacy for learner autonomy.
Contents: Olwyn Alexander: Introduction – Sandra Cardew: Critical Thinking about Cultural and Academic Identity – Erik Borg: Academic Writing in Fine Arts Practice – Hania Salter-Dvorak: Academic Tourism or a Truly Multicultural Community? Why International Students Need Pragmatic Training for British Higher Education – Robert Berman et al.: International Undergraduate Students’ Academic Acculturation in Canada: The Challenges Ahead – Diana Ridley: The Development of Online Thesis Writing Guidelines: Research Student and Supervisor Perceptions – Paul Fanning: The Problem of Undergraduate EFL – Richard Bailey/Peter Sercombe: A Contextual Approach to Course Design – Ian Bruce: Defining Academic Genres: An Approach for Writing Course Design – John Wrigglesworth: Using a Genre-based Approach to Curriculum Design in EAP: Assumptions, Applications, and Reactions – David Catterick: Teaching or Coaching? Reflecting on Roles and Objectives in One-to-one EAP – Ann Smith: Developing Critical Awareness through Case-based Teaching – Alison Stewart: Using Communities of Practice in Academic Writing Instruction in Japan – Fred Tarttelin: Reading Out of Class and the Integration of Other Key Skills – Martin Millar: Sources for Courses: Past and Present Practice, Future Possibilities – Joan McCormack: An Integrated Approach to Teaching Extended Writing and Research Skills – Lynn Errey: What is it about Other People’s Words? – Cathy Benson/Jacqueline Gollin/Hugh Trappes-Lomax: Reporting Strategies in Academic Writing: From Corpus to Materials – Siân Etherington: Teaching and Testing Academic Writing: Exploring Staff and Learner Experiences – John Slaght/Bruce Howell: TEEP: A Course-Driven Assessment Measure – Andy Blackhurst: Computer-based and Paper-based Versions of IELTS – Paul Wickens: IT Skills in EAP Provision: Making it More Relevant – Robert Gilmour: Creating a Flexible, Learner-driven Online EAP Site for Independent Study and Blended Learning in a Higher Education Institution – Lynne Hale/Gillian Lazar: Authoring Online Materials for Academic Writing: Issues and Opportunities – Fei-Yu Chuang/Hilary Nesi: GrammarTalk: Developing Computer-based Materials for Chinese EAP Students – Stella Harvey/Karen Nicholls: From Live Lecture to Online Materials: Developing Listening Skills and Lexical and Grammatical Accuracy – Ian McGrath: Textbooks, Technology and Teachers.