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Intercultural and International Business Communication

Theory, Research, and Teaching


Juan Carlos Palmer-Silveira and Miguel F. Ruiz-Garrido

This volume originates from the editors’ interest in one of the most relevant fields of research these days: Intercultural and International Business Communication. The needs of the business world to communicate effectively at an international level in order to overcome language differences have proved to be a fascinating topic for many scholars. International business discourse is culturally-situated and therefore context-dependent, and all three – discourse, culture and context – play a key role in the communication process. The present contributions analyse this topic under the perspective of theory, research and teaching. Different scholars have offered their views on the subject, presenting contributions on different areas related to business communication all over the world.
Contents: Juan C. Palmer-Silveira/Miguel F. Ruiz-Garrido/Inmaculada Fortanet-Gómez: Introduction: Facing the Future of Intercultural and International Business Communication (IIBC) – Leena Louhiala-Salminen/Mirjaliisa Charles: English as the Lingua Franca of International Business Communication: Whose English? What English? – Bertha Du-Babcock/Richard D. Babcock: Developing Linguistic and Cultural Competency in International Business Communication – Aud Solbjørg Skulstad: Genre Analysis of Corporate Communication – Belinda Crawford Camiciottoli: Corporate Earnings Calls: a Hybrid Genre? – Frank van Meurs/Hubert Korzilius/Adriënne den Hollander: The Persuasive Effect of the Use of English in External Business Communication on Non-Native Speakers of English: an Experimental Case Study of the Impact of the Use of English on a Dutch Job Site – Yunxia Zhu: Cross-Cultural Genre Study: a Dual Perspective – Hilkka Yli-Jokipii: Translating Professional Discourse: a Genre-Based View on Corporate ESP – Jakob Lauring: The Exclusive Group - Expatriates Working against Corporate Goals – Britt-Louise Gunnarsson: Swedish Companies and their Multilingual Practice – Vijay K. Bhatia/Jane Lung: Corporate Identity and Generic Integrity in Business Discourse – Julio C. Giménez: International Business Communication: Helping Advanced Learners of English Cope with the Demands – Gina Poncini: Evaluation in Written and Spoken Business Discourse: Integrating Research into Teaching.