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Evidence-based LSP

Translation, Text and Terminology


Khurshid Ahmad and Margaret Rogers

Contents: John Sinclair: Language and computing, past and present – Joanna Channell: The other side of LSP fence: Commercial language consultancy and research – Federica Scarpa: Using an Italian diachronic corpus for investigating the «core» patterns of the language of science – Maria Teresa Musacchio: The distribution of information in LSP translation. A corpus study of Italian – Peter H. Ragan: Cross-cultural communication in aviation – Chris Handy/Khurshid Ahmad: Indexer variability in specialist domains – Øivin Andersen: Deverbal nouns as hybrids: Some textual aspects – Robert Wilkinson: Citation behaviour in psychology: Acquiring the domain culture – Merja Koskela: Functions of references in philosophical research articles – Kjersti Fløttum: Traces of others in research articles: The citation cluster – Trine Dahl: Accomodating the reader: Metatext in research articles. A report from the KIAP project – Tiina Männikkö: The presentation of series of events in academic and popularised articles in the field of history – Johan Myking: Dichotomies: Impossible and indispensable – Christer Laurén: The interdependence of LSP text and literary text – Heribert Picht: Konversion zwischen verschiedenen semiotischen Repräsentationsformen für Gegenstände und Begriffe – Nina Pilke: Thematic variation in academic seminars - student discussions of concepts and terms – Klaus-Dieter Baumann: A communicative-cognitive approach to emotion in LSP communication – Michael Wittwer: Emotion and translation: Using the example of popularising medical texts in paediatrics – Guadalupe Aguado de Cea/Inmaculada Álvarez de Mon y Rego: Cultural aspects in the translation of texts in the domain of information technology – Giuditta Caliendo: Intercultural traits in legal translation – Antia Bassey/Yaya Mahamadou/Tioguem Tamdjo: Terminology, knowledge management and veterinary anthropology – Giuseppina Cortese: LSP: Multilingual deficiency, multicultural ambiguity – Marta Chromá: A Czech-English law dictionary with explanations: A conceptual approach to dictionary-making – Stanisław Goźdź-Roszkowski: Legal terms in context: Phraseological variation across genres – Heinz Lechleiter: Lecture notes and how they are read by foreign students: a case study – Kirsten Malmkjær: Language and special translational purposes – Mall Stålhammar: Translation and grammatical metaphor – Anastasia Parianou/Panayotis I Kelandrias: Instructions for use and their translation in a global age – Anne Kari Bjørge: «The person in the middle»: Strategies in translating LSP texts – Marella Magris/Lorenza Rega: Riflessioni sull’uso dei dizionari specialistici Italiano-tedesco-italiano nell’era di internet – Ionannis E. Saridakis/Georgia Kostopoulou: Modern trends in the pedagogy of specialised translation: LSP, text typology and the use of IT tools.