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Feminists Contest Politics and Philosophy


Lisa Nicole Gurley, Claudia Leeb and Anna Aloisia Moser

The color of the book’s cover alludes to the time and context in which this important volume originated: the 3 rd Interdisciplinary Conference Celebrating International Women’s Day at the New School for Social Research in New York City. At that time ‘orange alerts’ were issued by the United States to create a climate of fear and thereby stifle any critical debate of its foreign and domestic policy. The feminist thinkers presented in this volume are alert that such a critique is needed. They draw on the various languages of their fields to address wide-ranging topics and key questions in feminist politics, theory and philosophy. They all confront the state of urgency concerning the role of women in all classes of society, in all fields of research and the academy. This unique collection ranges across disciplines; as such the four major topics – aesthetics and female representation, love and psychoanalysis, care and ethics, the different understandings of ‘women’ – represent current topics of cross-disciplinary interest for Women’s and Gender Studies, Philosophy, and Political Science.
Contents: Lisa N. Gurley/Claudia Leeb/Anna Aloisia Moser: Introduction – Sara Murphy: The Body of Lucretia. Rape, Representation and Sovereign Power – Joy Marie Scott: Fancy Her Femme. Flirting with an OPEN Sexual Aesthetic – Andrew F. Smith: Closer But Still No Cigar. On the Inadequacy of Rawls’s Reply to Okin’s «Political Liberalism, Justice, and Gender» – Suzanne Kelly: Relationship after Death. Embracing Teresa Brennan’s Philosophy of Energetics – Amy Story: Structures of Love. Kristeva on Narcissism and the Virgin Mary – Peter Higgins: Sexual Disorientation. Moral Implications of Gender Norms – Isabelle V. Barker: Citizenship in an Era of Transnational Labor Migration and Inequality. The Status of Non-Citizen Women Workers in the American Long-Term Care Industry – Theresa Weynand Tobin: Assessing Moral Theories. Lessons from Feminist Philosophy of Science – Diane Williamson: Discourse Ethics as Care Ethics. Exploring Interdependence in Communicative Action – Gwynn Thomas: The Ties That Bind. The Familial Roots of Political Legitimacy – Sarah Daynes: Women, Men and God. Or, How to Think about the Intersections between Gender, Sex and Race – Victoria Haydenko: The Formation of Gender Differences among the Young during the Post-Communist Transition in Ukraine – Hayat-Un Nessa: Development and the Universal Subject. Resistance to ‘Gender’ in Bangladesh – Yayo Okano: Twisted Nationalism in Japan. What the Issue of ‘Comfort Women’ Reveals – Drucilla Cornell: New Political Infamy and the Sacrilege of Feminism.