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Representations of Justice

Antoine Masson and Kevin O'Connor

The public understanding of law is gleaned from the cultural representation of justice which, in turn, reflects popular culture. Movies, caricatures, portrayal of trials by media or crime fiction shape the image of justice. However these representations play an important role in the legal system itself through the representation of truth as conveyed by litigating parties in their arguments.
Studying how justice is represented in society is thus interesting for citizens who want to understand the popular culture but also for lawyers who want to understand theirs clients’ expectations.
This book explores in a multidisciplinary way the aspects of those representations of justice in their various forms in popular culture and in economics.
Contents: Kevin O’Connor: Preface – Antoine Masson: Introduction to the Interactions between Law and Representation of Justice – Dominique Jeannerod: Allegory of Justice and Representation of Punishment in Crime Fiction. A Franco-Irish Comparison – Solange Vernois: The Administration of Justice as Portrayed in Le Charivari and Le Journal Amusant at the End of the 19th Century. Scepticism and Derision – Mairéad Ni Bhriain: Decoding Justice. Intellectual Discourse and the Trial of the Malagasy Deputies – Peter Robson: Developments in Law and Popular Culture. The Case of the TV Lawyer – Pascale Duparc Portier/Laurent Pech: The Portrayal of the Judicial Process in the French and Irish Media – Ruth Herz: Portrayal of Justice on German Television – Jessica Silbey: A History of Representations of Justice. Coincident Preoccupations of Law and Film – Barbara Villez: Representation of the Legal Profession on Television. Professional Ethics and Client Expectations – Susan S. Silbey: Talk of Law. Contested and Conventional Legality – Judith Resnik/Dennis E. Curtis: From ‘Rites’ to ‘Rights’ of Audience. The Utilities and Contingencies of the Public’s Role in Court-Based Processes – Claire Micheau/Alexander Conrad Culley: Representation of the European Court of Justice. Conscience of the People of Europe or Political Juggernaut? – Theo Gavrielides: Deconstructing ‘Justice’ and Reconstructing ‘Fairness’ in a Convergent European Justice System. An Aristotelian Approach to the Question of Representation of Justice in Europe – Bruno Deffains/Samuel Ferey: Representation of Justice in Law and Economics – Didier Danet: Representation of Justice and Companies Judicial Strategies in France – Thierry Kirat: Representations of Justice in Economic Comparisons of Legal Systems – Tristan Boyer: Cross Representations of Law and Economics in a Corporate Governance Approach.