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Language Ideologies in Transition

Multilingualism in Russia and Finland

Mika Lähteenmäki and Marjatta Vanhala-Aniszewski

The articles collected in this volume address linguistic diversity in Russia and Finland from different perspectives and aim to provide both theoretical and empirical knowledge concerning recently emerged multilingual and multicultural developments. The topics include representations and conceptualisations of multilingualism, the language education of immigrants, the linguistic rights of ethnic minorities, language policy, and ideologies underlying multilingual activities. Linguistic and cultural diversity is approached from different theoretical and methodological perspectives (e.g. discourse analysis, ethnography). The focus is on both micro and macro level phenomena. The articles show how the ideologies that underlie language policies and also various grass-root multilingual practices are conditioned by broader political, historical and socio-cultural contexts.
Contents: Mika Lähteenmäki/Marjatta Vanhala-Aniszewski: Introduction – Mika Lähteenmäki: Heteroglossia and voice: conceptualising linguistic diversity from a Bakhtinian perspective – Arto Mustajoki: Types of non-standard communication encounters with special reference to Russian – Sirkka Laihiala-Kankainen/Sari Pietikäinen: Contexts and consequences of language ideologies: the case of indigenous Sámi languages in Inari and Lovozero – Riitta Pyykkö: Language policy as a means of integration in Russia – Marjatta Vanhala-Aniszewski: Unity or diversity? The language ideology debate in Russian media texts – Lea Siilin: Receptive multilingualism in Finnish-Russian print media – Ekaterina Protassova: Multilingual education in Russia – Tatjana Rynkänen/Sari Pöyhönen: Russian-speaking young immigrants in Finland: educational and linguistic challenges for integration – Aila Pesonen: Finnish language training and integration into Finnish society: a case study of a Russian-speaking immigrant group in the city of Virrat.