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Music Inside and Outside the School


Airi Liimets and Marit Mäesalu

The 2009 annual conference of the European Association for Music in Schools (EAS) and the European regional conference of the International Society for Music Education (ISME) took place at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn. This volume primarily includes articles that have grown out of the papers presented at the conference – 37 articles by 41 authors from 15 countries. The articles fall into five thematic sections: Music in school culture, Musical connections between the school and outside-school world, A survey of music education systems of Europe, Music and personality’s development, Study materials and music as symbol of culture.
Contents: Airi Liimets: Looking back at the EAS Conference in Tallinn – Airi Liimets: Research on young people’s school and out-of-school sphere of life by the Estonian school of educational sociology – Thomas A. Regelski: Music and Music Education as and for Praxis: An Action Learning Model – Maria Elena Riaño Galán/Claudia Lázaro del Pozo: Music and Mathematics: Programme Numbers with Rhythm in Pre-primary Education – Agnieszka Uberman/Marta Uberman: Musical, artistic and linguistic education of children in Polish primary schools – Michael Raúl Berg: Recorder Playing in primary Education: Beginning to play in a recorder group – José A. Rodríguez-Quiles y García/Konstantina Dogani: Music in schools across Europe: analysis, interpretation and guidelines for music education in the framework of the European Union – Carola Schormann: Europe in the classroom: Comenius Projects in Music Education - A Pool of Topics and Ideas in the Field of Music – Lilian Reinmets/Airi Liimets: To what extent do Estonian students know basic terminology of music theory? – Airi Liimets: Music in Estonian school culture and students’ lifestyle – Ada Holcar: The Assessment in Music Education - a Holistic Approach – Franz Niermann: Small Players are Instrumental to Great Concerts: Teaching and Learning of Music in Analogy to the Principles of Networking – Airi Liimets: What is talked about when people talk about love of music? – Marit Mäesalu: Music listening as pupils’ leisure time activity – Marit Mäesalu: Concerning the Functions of Music Listening as Evinced by the Example of Gymnasium Students – Elin Ots: Listening to music - integrating activities of school life and the world outside school – Thade Buchborn/Margit Painsi: The wind band class as a special music learning environment - musical activity and interaction in the peer group and self-beliefs about musical abilities and beliefs about musical learning – Marit Mäesalu: Music-centered youth cultures in Estonia – Kristina Iotsaite: Ruminations on integral philosophy in music education – Monica Oebelsberger: The phenomenon «Blasmusik» (music for wind instruments) in Austria - its significance for music education in the international context – Mirosław Dymon: The system of music teachers’ education at academies and universities in Poland – Irena Medňanská: Masters and Doctoral Degree Studies in Music Education in the Slovak Republic and Poland – Miloš Kodejška: Cooperation of the V4 countries (CZ, SK, PL, HU) in the field of teaching music – Franz Niermann/Adri de Vugt/Sarah Hennessy/Isolde Malmberg: ‘meNet Learning Outcomes’ as a Tool for the Further Development of Music Teacher Training in Europe – Marina Gall/Branka Rotar Pance/Sture Brändström/Christine Stöger/Gerhard Sammer: Learning From Each Other: Music Teacher Training in Europe with a special focus on England, Slovenia, Sweden and Germany – Anu Sepp/Inkeri Ruokonen: Approaches to Estonian and Finnish Music Syllabi in the Respective National Curriculum – Wilfried Gruhn: Genes or Genius?: Perspectives from Neurosciences on Music Learning and Implications for Teaching Inside and Outside School – Airi Liimets: It is difficult to live amongst people, because being silent is so difficult – Ekin Çorakli: The relationship between the personality traits and musical background of music teacher training students – Katrin Tanvel/Airi Liimets: Gender aspect in thinking and its manifestations in music teachers – Svetlana Jõgi/Airi Liimets/Reet Liimets: Reflection on the development of the autobiographical Self in the process of piano practice – Airi Liimets: What can a (music)