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Embedding Mediation in Society

Theory – Research – Practice – Training- Saint-Petersburg Dialogues- Contributions to the Conference «International Training and Practice of Mediators in the Light of European Experience», December 16-17, 2011

Edited By Sergey A. Manichev and Alexander Redlich

The systematic treatment of interpersonal conflict – mediation – has spread rapidly worldwide and is increasingly incorporated in law. The literature on this subject has equally grown. As part of the Saint-Petersburg Dialogues theoreticians and practitioners, researchers and trainers from East and West have shared their experiences and collected them in this volume. Its various contributions reflect the full range of the topic: Conflicts are everywhere – in politics, organizations, communities, and in private. People argue about all sorts of issues, resources and opinions, goals and means, relationships and identities. Accordingly, the articles cover very distinct topics and thus present the important fields of the current discussion. They shed light on how mediation is embedded in societies.

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