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Utrecht University

375 Years Mission Studies, Mission Activities, and Overseas Ministries


Jan A.B. Jongeneel

The study describes and analyses the history of mission studies and mission activities at Utrecht University (UU), from the establishment of UU in 1636 onwards. It also describes and examines the overseas ministries of Dutch, German, Hungarian, South African, and other alumni in the past 375 years. In each of the four periods of UU’s history (the years 1797, 1876, and 1968/69 functioning as watersheds), attention is paid to professors and lecturers, honorary doctors, doctors, and students and student bodies connected with mission. In the period 1968/69 until today the Inter-university Institute for Missiological and Ecumenical Research (IIMO), as well as missiological journals, series, and publications are dealt with. Special attention is paid to the Anti-Apartheid Fund, to missiological projects such as the Religious Education project (in cooperation with the University of Zimbabwe), and to the non-Western students who since the 17th century have studied theology in Utrecht.

Table of contents