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Updating Perspectives on English Language Teaching and Teacher Education

Edited By Zübeyde Sinem Genç

English language teaching has undergone a lot of changes with fads and trends coming and going for centuries. With the widespread use of English in diverse contexts, the innovations and changes around the world, English language scholars and practitioners faced new challenges. In the 21st century, there is a great need to examine «old» and to explore contemporary issues thoroughly from different angles.

This volume aims at updating perspectives on English language teaching and teacher education, with a special focus on the Turkish EFL context, exploring the status of the English language, learner-centeredness, professional development, conceptualizing teaching, and professionalism. The book will be of value to scholars, prospective and practicing teachers in the TESOL field.

The status of the English language in the world – Learner-centered instruction – Professional development – Problem-based learning – Conceptualizing teaching – Professionalism in TESOL – English language teacher education – Turkish EFL context