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Face in Trouble – From Physiognomics to Facebook


Edited By Olga Szmidt and Katarzyna Trzeciak

This book analyzes unobvious relations between historical definitions of the face and its contemporary usage in popular culture and social media, like Facebook or Instagram. Bringing together a wide range of methodologies, it includes essays from manifold disciplines of the humanities such as philosophy, literary and art criticism, media and television studies, game studies, sociology and anthropology. The authors focus on both metaphorical and material meanings of the face. They grapple with crucial questions about modernity, modern and postmodern subjectivity, as well as with origins of certain linguistic terms and popular, colloquial phrases based on the concept of the face.

Olga Szmidt graduated in Polish Philology and Literary Criticism at the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Her research interests concern authenticity, contemporary culture as well as self and identity.

Katarzyna Trzeciak is a literary critic and a scholar in comparative literature. She teaches literary criticism and gender theory at the Faculty of Polish Studies, Jagiellonian University.