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Public Service Media Renewal

Adaptation to Digital Network Challenges


Edited By Michał Głowacki and Alicja Jaskiernia

This book analyses the adaptivity of public service media (PSM) to the digital network age. The authors use specific case studies and research initiatives, involving a variety of methodological and theoretical approaches, to argue that current changes in media and society offer a wide range of possibilities for PSM renewal. Changes in PSM are analysed through the lenses of shifts in users’ behavior and the growing importance of big data, machine mediation and developing partnership systems alongside other agents in the overall media ecology. The authors map the potential mental, regulatory, institutional and financial indicators which might restrict the ways in which PSM adapts. They argue that PSM renewal is possible as long as PSM policy-makers and managers both recognize and understand the drivers for, and obstacles to, change.

«What is the role of Public Service Media in the digital era? While pundits either call for its abolishment or fend off any criticism, the present volume avoids simplistic answers and offers valuable inputs for academic and policy debates.»

Manuel Puppis, University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

«This volume presents a multi-layered analytical prism through the lenses of which conditions for public service media future may be viewed. An excellent source for media studies with country cases and general evaluation.»

Andrei Richter, Office of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Vienna, Austria.

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