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Partnering to Prepare Urban Teachers

A Call to Activism

Francine Peterman

This book attempts to present both theoretical and practical perspectives on school and university partnerships that focus on the preparation and retention of urban teachers. In particular, the book focuses on (a) theoretical and historical underpinnings of partnering to prepare urban teachers as social activists; (b) stories from the field, explored through the voices and actions of students, families, teacher educators, and preservice and in-service teachers; and (c) a critical analysis of this work. The research presented is situated in urban settings that mirror those across the United States and represents partnerships in Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and Wilmington, where school, city, and teacher education communities collaborate to prepare and keep teachers in hard-to-staff, high-needs schools. Case studies included in the text explore multiple perspectives on partnering to prepare urban teachers – including those of urban schoolchildren and their teachers, teacher educators and teachers becoming teacher educators, and parents. Combined, the chapters theoretically and practically detail the layers and conundrums, tribulations and triumphs, contexts and voices of the challenges facing urban teachers, teacher educators, community members, and administrators who work collaboratively to prepare and support teachers as social activists.
Contents: Francine P. Peterman: Preface: A Call to Activism, A Call to Hope – Sharon P. Robinson: Introduction – Victoria Chou/Steven Tozer: What’s Urban Got to Do with it? The Meanings of Urban in Urban Teacher Preparation and Development – Francine P. Peterman/Kristy C. Sweigard: Defining Standards that Respond to the Urban Context: A Call to Activism – Peter C. Murrell, Jr.: Toward Social Justice in Urban Education: A Model of Collaborative Cultural Inquiry in Urban Schools – Dennis Shirley: Promoting Participatory Democracy Through Community Organizing – Mark G. Storz/Karen R. Nestor: It’s All About Relationships: Urban Middle Schools Students Speak out on Effective Schooling Practices – Cris Mayo/Maria Alburquerque Candela/Eugene Matusov/Mark Smith: Families and Schools Apart: University Experience to Assist Latino/a Parents’ Activism – Afra Hersi/Dennis Shirley: From Radical Visions to Messy Realities: Complexities in the Preparation of Urban Teacher Educators – Francine P. Peterman/R. D. Nordgren: Facing the Dilemmas Within Creating and Supporting Urban Teacher Education with a Social Justice Agenda – Kristien Marquez-Zenkov: Teaching What Matters in the City: Novice Urban Educators and Community-Relevant Standards – Brian Yusko: New Teacher Induction and Professional Development Through a Video Technology Mentoring Program – Karen Hunter Quartz/Brad Olsen/Jeff Duncan-Andrade: The Fragility of Urban Teaching: A Longitudinal Study of Career Development and Activism – James Fraser: Conclusion: Situating Teacher Education in Social Activism.