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Preparing Effective Teachers of Reading

Putting Research Findings to Work for Student Learning

Boyce C. Williams

Preparing Effective Teachers of Reading will show educators and administrators (K-12 and higher education) how a higher education initiative used collaboration and partnerships to respond to one of the greatest needs facing the nation – improving the reading achievement of poor and minority children. The book will also provide readers with a forum for understanding scientifically-based reading research (SBRR) and instruction, and the five essential components of reading. In addition, the book will showcase, through evaluation findings and a case study, how diverse geographic, ethnic, and racial institutions are creating national models for bridging the achievement gap in reading, teaching reading, preparing new teachers, and engaging key stakeholders by transforming curricula and syllabi, establishing reading centers, and providing directed teaching and tutoring experiences for candidates.
Contents: Arthur E. Wise: Preface – Boyce C. Williams: NCATE/RFTEN Project Abstract: Preparing Highly Qualified Teachers to Leave No Child Behind – M. Christopher Brown II: Prelude – M. Christopher Brown II: Foreword – B. Denise Hawkins: Introduction - RFTEN: Transforming the Way Colleges Train Teachers to Teach Reading – Boyce C. Williams: The HBCU Technical Support Network: A Bridge to RFTEN – Brian R. Bryant: RFTEN and the Role of Collaboration: RFTEN and the Role of the Reading Consultant – Denise Littleton/Margaret Cole White: The Role of Quality Assurance Coaching Consultants – John Taylor: An Analysis of Intended and Unintended Outcomes of RFTEN – Lecretia A. Buckley: RFTEN: Implications for Addressing the Achievement Gap in Reading and in Mathematics – B. Denise Hawkins/Joyce C. Fine: Florida International University: RFTEN Collaboration Helps Prepare Reading Teachers for Changing Times – Emerson Elliott: RFTEN Executive Summary and Research Implications: Preparing Effective Teachers of Reading: Putting Research Findings to Work for Student Learning – RoSusan D. Bartee: Increasing the Social Capital of Underrepresented Populations – Diana W. Rigden: RFTEN Findings: Licensure Tests and Effective Reading Instruction – Linda Colburn: Project Implementation and the Role of Technology – Charles M. Hodge: Reflections: RFTEN in Retrospect – Pauletta Brown Bracy: Afterword.