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Weapons of Mass Persuasion

Strategic Communication to Combat Violent Extremism


Steven R. Corman, Angela Trethewey and H.L. Goodall Jr.

Complementing and extending scholarship in three areas – terrorism; the media, mediated representations, and propaganda in contemporary culture; and the political and diplomatic environment post-9/11 – this book articulates the role of human communication in the «war of ideas». Drawing on contemporary research from a variety of disciplines, this book offers analyses and recommendations for people to make use of informed, inspired, and ethical communication to counter ideological support for terrorism and to promote more effective public diplomacy.
This is the first book to apply human communication concepts and theories – and to offer potential solutions – to the communication problems encountered by nations, communities, and individuals, and in doing so moves beyond critiques of failed U.S. communication campaigns and strategies in the «war on terror».
Contents: Steven R. Corman/Angela Trethewey/H.L. Goodall, Jr.: Preface – H.L. Goodall, Jr./Angela Trethewey/Steven R. Corman: Strategery: Missed Opportunities and the Consequences of Obsolete Strategic Communication Theory – H.L. Goodall, Jr./Angela Trethewey/Kelly McDonald: Strategic Ambiguity, Communication, and Public Diplomacy in an Uncertain World: Principles and Practices – Angela Trethewey/H.L. Goodall, Jr.: Leadership Reconsidered as Historical Subject: Sketches from the Cold War to Post-9/11 – Steven R. Corman/Jill Schiefelbein: Communication and Media Strategy in the Islamist War of Ideas – H.L. Goodall, Jr./Linell Cady/Steven R. Corman/Kelly McDonald/Mark Woodward/Carolyn Forbes: The Iranian Letter to President Bush: Analysis and Recommendations – Z. S. Justus/Aaron Hess: One Message for Many Audiences: Framing the Death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi – Aaron Hess/Z.S. Justus: Re-Defining the Long War: Toward a New Vocabulary for International Terrorism – Steven R. Corman/Angela Trethewey/H.L. Goodall, Jr.: A New Communication Model for the 21st Century: From Simplistic Influence to Pragmatic Complexity – Steven R. Corman/Angela Trethewey/H.L. Goodall, Jr.: Creating a New Communication Policy: How Changing Assumptions Leads to New Strategic Objectives.