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Anti and Pro-Social Communication

Theories, Methods, and Applications


Terry A. Kinney and Maili Pörhölä

This is an interdisciplinary resource guide for scholars, researchers, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates who study aspects of communication and relationships. It brings together essays by an array of scholars currently working in the areas of anti and pro-social communication to examine the theories, methodologies, and applied issues that define communication research broadly. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of communication, examining how and why it affects our perceptions, relationships, health, and social behavior.
Contents: Terry A. Kinney/Maili Pörhölä: Introduction: An Integrative Approach to Anti-Social and Pro-Social Communication – Terry A. Kinney: Toward Understanding Anti-Social Communication: A Theoretical Model – Kristen Eis Cvancara: Goal Blockage and Verbal Aggressiveness – Sanna Karhunen: How Adolescents Understand Bullying: Social Information Processing and Attributions – Rebekah A. Pure: Uncertainty and Psychological Consequences Due to Cyberbullying – Teemu Kauppi/Maili Pörhölä: Harassment Experienced by School Teachers From Students: A Review of the Literature – Sini Rainivaara: Workplace Bullying Relationships – Bridget Reynolds/Jaana Juvonen: Relational Aggression and Victimization: Does Research Support the Gender Assumptions? – Maili Pörhölä: Psychosocial Well-Being of Victimized Students – Colleen M. Klatt: Pro-Social Message Design: A Theoretical Model – Leena Mikkola: The Perception of Acceptance as a Function of Social Support – Laura Jacobi: Spirituality, Social Skills, and Pro-Social Behavior – Katheryn Maguire/Erin Sahlstein: Pro-Social, A-Social, and Anti-Social Coping in Long-Distance Romantic Relationships – Diana Hadad: The Utilization of Negotiation Strategies in Relational Repair – Karyl Daughters: Creative Communication and Interpersonal Relationships – Lotta Kokkonen: Social Support Within Refugees’ Interpersonal Communication Relationships – Simona C. S. Caravita/Virpi Pöyhönen/Christina Salmivalli: Pro-Social Involvement in Anti-Social Situations: Defending the Victims of Bullying – Howard Giles/Rebecca Speer: Exploring the Efficacy of the Anti- and Pro-Social Communicative Divide: An Epilogue.