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Diversity and Multiculturalism

A Reader

Shirley R. Steinberg

This reader demands that we understand diversity and multiculturalism by identifying the ways in which curriculum has been written and taught, and by redefining the field with an equitable lens, freeing it from the dominant cultural curriculum. The book problematizes the issue of whiteness, for instance, as not being the opposite of blackness or «person-of-colorness», but rather a meta-description for our dominant culture. Issues are also addressed that are usually left out of the discussion about diversity and multiculturalism: this reader includes essays on physical diversity, geographic diversity, and difference in sexualities. This is the quintessential collection of work by critical scholars committed to redefining the conversation on multiculturalism and diversity.
Contents: Shirley R. Steinberg/Joe L. Kincheloe: Smoke and Mirrors: More Than One Way to Be Diverse and Multicultural – Brian C. Johnson: «Doing Diversity» with Film – Paul R. Carr/Darren E. Lund: The Unspoken Color of Diversity: Whiteness, Privilege, and Critical Engagement in Education – Virginia Lea: Unmasking Whiteness in the Teacher Education College Classroom: Critical and Creative Multicultural Practice – Judy Helfand: Teaching Outside Whiteness – Nelson M. Rodriguez: (Still) Making Whiteness Visible: Implications for (Teacher) Education – Russell Bishop: Addressing Diversity: Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in the Classroom – R. Deborah Davis: Minorities vs. Minority Groups: How Language Defines, Defiles and Denigrates for Life – Erica Mohan: Putting Multiethnic Students on the Radar: A Case for Greater Consideration of Our Multiethnic Students – Timothy J. Stanley: The Banality of Colonialism: Encountering Artifacts of Genocide and White Supremacy in Vancouver Today – Elizabeth P. Quintero: Young Children and Story: The Path to Transformative Action – Elizabeth J. Meyer: Creating Schools That Value Sexual Diversity – sj Miller: (Dis)Embedding Gender Diversity in the Preservice Classroom – Gerald Walton: Eating Cake: The Paradox of Sexuality as a Counter-Diversity Discourse – Liz Airton: Untangling ‘Gender Diversity’: Genderism and Its Discontents (i.e., Everyone) – C. P. Gause: Uncovering Truth: In Search of a «BMSALA» (Black Male Same Affection Loving Academician) – J. Grinberg/J. Price/F. Naiditch: Schooling and Social Class – Curry Stephenson Malott: An Introduction to Social Class and the Division of Labor – Spencer Boudreau: Diversity in Education and the Marginalization of Religion – Christopher Darius Stonebanks/Melanie Stonebanks: Religion and Diversity in Our Classrooms – Özlem Sensoy: Kill Santa: Religious Diversity and the Winter Holiday Problem – Kathleen S. Berry: Health and Diversity: What Does It Mean for Inclusion and Social Justice? – David J. Connor/Susan Baglieri: Tipping the Scales: Disability Studies Asks «How Much Diversity Can You Take?» – Linda Ware: The Hegemonic Impulse for Health and Well-Being: A Saga of the Less Well and the Less Worthy – Joe L. Kincheloe: No Short Cuts in Urban Education: Metropedagogy and Diversity – Venus Evans-Winters/Christie Ivie: Lost in the Shuffle: Re-calling a Critical Pedagogy for Urban Girls – Paul Theobald/Wade Herley: Rurality, Locality, and the Diversity Question – Larry Daffin/Gary L. Anderson: Diversity and Educational Leadership: Democratic Equality and the Goals of Schooling – Kmt G. Shockley/Rona M. Frederick: African-Centered Schools as Sites of Hope: Community Building through Culture and School Leadership – Carolyn M. Shields: Administration, Leadership, and Diversity: Reproduction or Transformation?