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Clio at the Table

Using History to Inform and Improve Education Policy


Kenneth K. Wong and Robert Rothman

Clio at the Table provides important historical perspectives on contemporary education policy issues. Based on a conference held in honor of Carl Kaestle, one of the most eminent education historians in the United States, the book includes chapters that address some of the major concerns of U.S. education today, all of which are particular foci of Kaestle’s work: urban education, equity, the role of the federal government, and national standards. On each topic, the book presents summaries of new research and explores the uses of history to help further the connections between historical analysis and policy analysis. It will be particularly useful in courses on education history and policy.
Contents: Kenneth K. Wong/Robert Rothman: Bringing Clio to the Table – Anne-Lise Halvorsen/Jeffrey E. Mirel: Educating Citizens: Social Problems Meet Progressive Education in Detroit, 1930-52 – John L. Rury: Attainment amidst Adversity: Black High School Students in the Metropolitan North, 1940-80 – William J. Reese: When Wisdom Was Better Than Rubies: The Public Schools of Washington, DC, in the Nineteenth Century – David Gamson: Democracy Undone: Reforming and Reinventing the American School District, 1945-2005 – Kathryn A. McDermott: Growing State Intervention in Low-Performing Schools: Law and Regulation in Three Waves of Reform – Elizabeth Rose: Learning from Head Start: Preschool Advocates and the Lessons of History – Elizabeth DeBray-Pelot: Education Interest Groups and Policy Agendas in the 109th and 110th Congresses: Applying an Advocacy Coalition Framework – Adam R. Nelson: Equity and Special Education: Some Historical Lessons from Boston – Gail L. Sunderman: Examining the Federal Role in Education: From Reagan’s Excellence Movement to Bush and No Child Left Behind – Margaret E. Goertz: Standards-Based Reform: Lessons from the Past, Directions for the Future – Maris A. Vinovskis: No Child Left Behind and Highly Qualified U.S. History Teachers: Some Historical and Policy Perspectives – Jack Dougherty: Conflicting Questions: Why Historians and Policymakers Miscommunicate on Urban Education – Tracy L. Steffes: Lessons from the Past: A Challenge and a Caution for Policy-Relevant History – Carl F. Kaestle: Clio at the Table: Historical Perspectives and Policymaking in the Field of Education.