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Climate Change and the Media


Edited By Tammy Boyce and Justin Lewis

Climate Change and the Media brings together an international group of scholars to discuss one of the most important issues in human history: climate change. Since public understanding of the issue relies heavily on media coverage, the media plays a pivotal role in the way we address it. This edited collection – the first scholarly work to examine the relationship between climate change and the media – examines the changing nature of media coverage around the world, from the USA, the UK, and Europe, to China, Australasia, and the developing world. Chapters consider the impact of public relations and fictional programming, the relationship between public understanding and media coverage, and the impact of the media industries themselves on climate change. At a time when governments must take action to alleviate the catastrophic risk that climate change poses, this collection expertly details the pivotal role the media plays in this most fundamental of issues.
Contents: Simon Cottle: Series Editor’s Preface: Global Crises and the Media – Justin Lewis/Tammy Boyce: Climate Change and the Media: The Scale of the Challenge – Richard Maxwell/Toby Miller: Talking Rubbish: Green Citizenship, Media, and the Environment – Rowan Howard-Williams: Ideological Construction of Climate Change in Australian and New Zealand Newspapers – Catherine Butler/Nick Pidgeon: Media Communications and Public Understanding of Climate Change: Reporting Scientific Consensus on Anthropogenic Warming – Robert E.T. Ward: Climate Change, the Public, and the Media in the UK: A Watershed Moment – Grace Reid: The Climate Change Docudrama: Challenges in Simultaneously Entertaining and Informing Audiences – Stephen Zehr: An Environmentalist/Economic Hybrid Frame in US Press Coverage of Climate Change, 2000-2008 – Tim Holmes: Balancing Acts: PR, «Impartiality», and Power in Mass Media Coverage of Climate Change – Julie Doyle: Climate Action and Environmental Activism: The Role of Environmental NGOs and Grassroots Movements in the Global Politics of Climate Change – Mike Hulme: Mediated Messages about Climate Change: Reporting the IPCC Fourth Assessment in the UK Print Media – Neil T. Gavin: The Web and Climate Change Politics: Lessons from Britain? – Mike Shanahan: Time to Adapt? Media Coverage of Climate Change in Nonindustrialised Countries – Yan Wu: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Framing of China in News Media Coverage of Global Climate Change – Lyn McGaurr/Libby Lester: Complementary Problems, Competing Risks: Climate Change, Nuclear Energy, and the Australian – Alex Lockwood: Preparations for a Post-Kyoto Media Coverage of UK Climate Policy – Astrid Dirikx/Dave Gelders: Global Warming through the Same Lens: An Explorative Framing Study in Dutch and French Newspapers – Peter Berglez/Birgitta Höijer/Ulrika Olausson: Individualisation and Nationalisation of the Climate Issue: Two Ideological Horizons in Swedish News Media.