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The Twenty-First Century University

Developing Faculty Engagement in Internationalization, Second Edition


Lisa K. Childress

During the last few decades, many university presidents and provosts have expressed an intent to internationalize their institutions to equip students with the broad intellectual skills necessary to succeed in the global twenty-first century. However, these well-intentioned calls for internationalization have remained little more than rhetoric. Obstacles embedded in developing faculty engagement in internationalization are largely responsible for this inability to turn rhetoric into reality.

This groundbreaking second edition of The Twenty-First Century University identifies what successful institutions have done to overcome endogenous challenges and successfully engage faculty in the internationalization process.

The book provides updated case studies on two exemplary institutions, demonstrating how these institutions operationalized Childress’ "5 I’s of Faculty Engagement in Internationalization Model" (including intentionality, investments, infrastructure, institutional networks, and individual support) from 2007 through 2017. This book also presents a typology of strategies for faculty engagement in internationalization that higher education leaders can use to increase their faculty’s international teaching, research, and service on campus, regionally, and abroad. Finally, this second edition includes a model of faculty engagement in internationalization within academic departments that institutional leaders can use to ensure that explicit connections are made between internationalization and individual disciplines.

‘‘Both theoretically informed and practically oriented, this book speaks to administrators and faculty at all levels about the why and how of internationalization of higher education. Through well-chosen case studies and extensive consultation with internationalization leaders and organizations, Childress shows in a friendly, concise, systematic and convincing way effective strategies toward successful faculty engagement to foster internationalization. The book’s empirical findings and practical guidelines are valuable to higher education leaders regardless of whether their responsibilities specifically include internationalization.’’ Cindy Fan, Vice Provost for International Studies and Global Engagement, Professor of Geography and Professor of Asian American Studies, UCLA

‘‘Academic leaders, policy makers, faculty and scholars will benefit from the insightful analysis and pragmatic approach to enhancing faculty engagement in the internationalization process. This second edition of «The Twenty-First Century University» effectively demonstrates how two institutions operationalized the faculty engagement model proposed in the first book and presents an important new framework highlighting the role of academic departments. A unique and valuable feature of this new book are the lessons learned from putting research and analytical models into practice.’’ Jane Knight, Professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

‘‘This book is a helpful contribution to the field of international education in not only outlining many of the key contours of higher education internationalization itself, but especially in focusing on the crucial and tricky area of faculty engagement in that process. I am glad that Dr. Childress decided to update «The Twenty-First Century University» with a second edition that includes important recent work, since this field is so rapidly changing.’’ Elaine Meyer-Lee, President, NAFSA: Association of International Educators and Associate Vice President for Global Learning and Leadership Development, Agnes Scott College

‘‘«The Twenty-First Century University» is a comprehensive accounting of the ways in which successful institutions have pursued faculty engagement in campus internationalization. This second edition only underscores its significant contribution to field of international education. The data and information provided are exceptional, and makes for an especially useful resource for scholars and researchers, as well as a general audience.’’ Anthony Pinder, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Internationalization & Global Engagement, Emerson College

“Delving into a critical but sometimes thorny aspect of internationalization—how to meaningfully engage faculty—this book is a must-read for campus leadership and international education administrators. The book is a field guide as much as it is a theoretical resource about the analytical and practical framings of faculty engagement in the field of international education. Whether one needs to move strategic plans toward implementation, seeks new models for engaging faculty, or wants a unique entry point to better understand comprehensive internationalization, this book will greatly enhance one’s understanding and one’s ability to advance the critical role of faculty in international education.” Hilary Kahn, former President of the Association of International Education Administrators and Assistant Dean for International Education and Global Initiatives, Indiana University