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Pedagogical Encounters


Bronwyn Davies and Susanne Gannon

Pedagogical Encounters demonstrates how learning spaces that are ethical, responsive, and transformable can enable students and teachers to open toward new ways of being in the world. Through collective biography, ethnography, and arts-based research, the authors – educators with experience in diverse settings – generate rich descriptions of classroom practices, and elaborate and clarify new theoretical concepts through their discussion in relation to specific sites of teaching and learning.
Contents: Bronwyn Davies: Introduction – Bronwyn Davies: Difference and Differenciation – Constance Ellwood: Listening to Homeless Young People: A Strategy of Attention – Catherine Camden Pratt: Relationality and the Art of Becoming – Susanne Gannon: Difference as Ethical Encounter – Constance Ellwood/Catherine Camden Pratt: Becoming Blossom, Becoming Oddbod: Clowning as Transformational Process – Bronwyn Davies/Katerina Zabrodska/Susanne Gannon/Peter Bansel/Catherine Camden Pratt: Reflections on a Day in the Art Class – Bronwyn Davies/Catherine Camden Pratt/Constance Ellwood/Susanne Gannon/Katerina Zabrodska/Peter Bansel: Second Skin: The Architecture of Pedagogical Encounters.