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Culture, Religion, and the Reintegration of Female Child Soldiers in Northern Uganda


Bard Maeland

The reintegration of thousands of formerly abducted children from the Lord’s Resistance Army back to their families and communities in northern Uganda represents tremendous challenges. Culture, Religion, and the Reintegration of Female Child Soldiers in Northern Uganda examines cultural and religious complexities that surround young females who are now returning to the society of northern Uganda, often accompanied by their own children. Understanding the religiously and ritually rich Acholi and North Ugandan context and culture is important for the success of the ongoing reintegration. This collection consists of contributions from diverse fields, such as anthropology, psychology, moral philosophy, religious studies, and theology.
Contents: Bård Mæland: Culture, Religion, and the Reintegration of Female Child Soldiers in Northern Uganda – Milfrid Tonheim: Where Are the Research Gaps? Reviewing Literature on Former Girl Soldiers’ Reintegration in the African Context – Tor Arne Berntsen: Negotiated Identities: The Discourse on the Role of Child Soldiers in the Peace Process in Northern Uganda – Bård Mæland: Constrained but Not Choiceless: On Moral Agency Among Child Soldiers – Deusdedit Nkurunziza: The Dynamics of Children Associated with Armed Forces and Challenges of Building Peace in Uganda – Chris Coulter: Domesticating the Bush – Christine Mbabazi Mpyangu: The Acholi Worldview: Why Rituals Are Important for the Reintegration of Formerly Recruited Girls in Northern Uganda – Fiona Shanahan/Angela Veale: ‘The Girl Is the Core of Life’: Social Reintegration, Communal Violence, and the Sacred in Northern Uganda – Emeline Ndossi: Stigma as Encountered by Female Returnees and the Role of the Church in Northern Uganda – Miranda Worthen/Susan McKay/Angela Veale/Michael Wessells: ‘I Had No Idea You Cared About Me’: Empowerment of Vulnerable Mothers in the Context of Reintegration – Therese Tinkasiimire: Women and War in Northern Uganda: A Theological Reflection on the Dignity of a Woman in the Reintegration Process – Helen Nkabala Nambalirwa: «The Lord Destroyed the Cities and Everyone Who Lived in Them»: The Lord’s Resistance Army’s Use of the Old Testament Sodom/Gomorrah Narrative – Marta Høyland Lavik: Killing Children with God’s Permission? The Rhetoric of Retaliation in Psalm 193 – Knut Holter: Women and War in Northern Uganda and Ancient Israel: The Interpretative Role of Academia – Magnar Kartveit: Authentic Reading of the Bible – Kjetil Fretheim: Moral Principles and Participation in Practice: Ethical and Methodological Issues in Research on Formerly Recruited Children – Ragnhild Dybdahl/Nermina Kravic/Kishor Shrestha: Are Psychosocial Interventions for War-Affected Children Justified? – Thor Strandenæs: Interviewing Formerly Abducted Children as Informants in Research: Some Methodological and Ethical Considerations – Gerd Marie Ådna: The Interaction Between Interviewees and Interviewers: Perspectives from Religious Studies.