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(Un)knowing Diversity

Researching Narratives of Neocolonial Classrooms through Youth’s Testimonios


Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen

(Un)knowing Diversity tells the powerful stories of five minoritized American youths’ school experiences. In their own words, we learn what it is like to go to school, what helps, what does not, and who these students are becoming. The author outlines the practice of testimonio work, then interprets each narrative, identifying the fixed, fluid, concurrent, and dynamic processes that serve to both map and unmap youth in schools – offering the possibility of decolonization. She identifies postcolonial and neocolonial concepts such as hybridity, nationalism, authenticity, ambivalence, transnationalism, and surveillance. The volume, which includes a study guide with questions and assignments suitable for undergraduate and graduate coursework, will be useful in qualitative methods courses, multicultural foundations courses, and courses in education and sociology.