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Teaching Joe L. Kincheloe


Rochelle Brock, Curry Stephenson Mallott and Leila E. Villaverde

Teaching Joe L. Kincheloe is one of a handful of recent books posthumously moving Kincheloe’s work further into the twenty-first century. Written and edited by Kincheloe’s former students and colleagues, the book underscores the depth and breadth of his extraordinarily productive career. In an era marked by the ruling elite’s desperation as U.S. power wanes globally, this work opens up transformative ways of seeing conducive to challenging the technocratic, imperialistic purpose of the dominant forms of education. Kincheloe would surely have been pleased to see this – among his many postformal contributions – counter-hegemonically providing critical pedagogy with the theoretical and practical strength to contribute to the global uprising currently challenging the imperialist project of wealth extraction and cultural domination around the world. Teaching Joe L. Kincheloe will only gain relevance as the global movement against authoritarianism intensifies and citizens search for new ways to better understand their worlds and the historical development of their own identities.
Contents: Barry Barrell: Preface – Curry Stephenson Malott: Introduction Part I – Mary Weems: Poem: Intellectual Enthusiasm – Philip M. Anderson: Joe at the Céilidh: Catching Up on the Craic with Joe L. Kincheloe – Raymond A. Horn Jr.: Challenging the Rationalist Control of Education: Kincheloe and the Interconnectivity of Critical Pedagogy and Critical Cognition – Priya Parmar: Towards New Epistemological Possibilities: The Critical Complex Epistemology of Hip Hop Culture – Valerie J. Janesick: Teaching Critical Pedagogy through Poetry and the Pedagogical Letter – Andrew H. Churchill: Kincheloe’s Postformal Pedagogy: A Transformative Praxis – Robert H. Haworth: Multidimensional Social Studies: Teaching in the Commons – Mimma Maviglia: The Historical Origins of Critical Pedagogy in the Theory of Joe Lyons Kincheloe – Leila Villaverde: Introduction Part II – Mary Weems: Poem: Restless – Jonathan Langdon: Pedagogy of Passion, Pedagogy of Publication: Joe L. Kincheloe and Contesting the Hidden Discourse of Academic Success – Venus E. Evans-Winters: Critical Epistemology in Social Foundations: A Post-Womanist Pedagogy – Tony Monchinski: «Warriors, Come Out and Play»: Joe L. Kincheloe and the Intellectual Warrior – Jon Austin: Decentering the WWW (White Western Ways): Enacting a Pedagogy of Multilogicality – Marc Pruyn: The Pedagogy of Kincheloe: Lessons from the Booth to the Page – Rochelle Brock: Introduction Part III – Mary Weems: Poem: Radical Love – Carol A. Mullen: Joe L. Kincheloe’s Long Mentoring Reach: A Personal Political Reflection – Regina A. Bernard-Carreño: Wednesdays with Joe: Radical Intellectualism In and Out of the Classroom – Kathalene A. Razzano/Loubna Skalli: The Power of Recognition: Of Intellectual Restlessness and Adventurism – Gia Deleveaux/Elizabeth J. Meyer: Mentorship, Critical Pedagogy, and Radical Love: Lessons from Joe L. Kincheloe.