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Regulating Social Media

Legal and Ethical Considerations


Edited By Susan J. Drucker and Gary Gumpert

Convergence, participatory culture, multimedia technologies, and social media platforms are creating new communicative opportunities that fundamentally influence citizenship and journalism. Social media present a staggering breadth of legal and ethical matters to consider. The limits and laws of free expression in this new media landscape are beginning to emerge both domestically and internationally, causing us to ask the following questions: How do we conceive of privacy? Should the law protect citizen journalists? How do social media affect ethical obligations of journalists and public relations professionals?
These are just a few of the issues raised by the new social media landscape. Myriad standards of professional ethics command compliance in order for various media industries to function. Scholarly researchers of social media have not yet focused on the rights of expression and ethical obligations of the new media environment.
This volume will address the scope and nature of this developing environment of expression with chapter topics ranging from privacy, cyber-bullying, and harassment to defamation, intellectual property rights, and online safety.
Contents: Susan J. Drucker/Gary Gumpert: Introduction: Thoughts on Social Media, Law, and Ethics – Star Muir: Privacy, Identity, and Public Engagement among Digital Natives – Dale A. Herbeck: Swimming in Cyber-Cesspools: Defamation Law in the Age of Social Media – Juliet Dee: Cyberharassment and Cyberbullying: «There Ought To Be a Law» – Mary Ann Allision/Eric Allision: Brains and Behavior: Addressing Amplified Adolescent Visibility in the Global Village – Adrienne Hacker-Daniels: Protection or Prosecution: Julian Assange and Wikileaks Making Waves with a Cybersplash – Warren Sandman: Revisiting the Right «To Be Let Alone» in the Age of Social Media – Douglas C. Strahler/Thomas R. Flynn: Transparency, Misrepresentation, and Social Media – Bruce E. Drushel: Digital Red Light Zones: Alternative Approach to Regulating Adult Online Social Media – Suzanne Berman: Social Media, Public Relations and Ethics – Kelly Fincham: Toward a New Code of Ethics: Social Media in Journalism.