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Contesting the Myth of a ‘Post Racial’ Era

The Continued Significance of Race in U.S. Education


Dorinda J. Carter Andrews and Franklin Tuitt

Contesting the Myth of a ‘Post Racial’ Era brings together educational scholars across disciplines in higher education to reframe the discourse on race and racism in education in the Obama era and to explore structural, environmental, cultural, and political implications of race and racism in education. The volume gives explicit attention to contesting the myth of post-racialism in U.S. education by examining racial inequality across the K-16 spectrum, through examination of classroom practices, educational policies, educational research, and equity and access. Policy makers, educators, and academics with an interest in raising the achievement levels of students of color as well as access to greater opportunities will have interest in this book. It can be used for professional development at the K-12 and higher education level and for course adoption in college classrooms, particularly in programs and courses where race is an explicit area of study.
Contents: Pedro A. Noguera: Foreword: Beyond the Postracial Society – Dorinda J. Carter Andrews/Frank Tuitt: Racism as the Environmental Hazard in Educational Spaces: An Overview and Introduction – Judson C. Laughter: «I Am My Brother’s Keeper; I Am My Sister’s Keeper»: Rejecting Meritocracy and Embracing Relational Pluralism – Bridgette Coble/Floyd Cobb/Kristin Deal/Frank Tuitt: Navigating the Space Between: Obama and the Postracial Myth – Louie F. Rodriguez: Learning From Catalina: Reflections on Bridging Communities and Schools in the Context of a «Postracial» Society – Laurence J. Parker/Erin L. Castro: An Introduction to Critical Race Realism: Theoretical and Methodological Implications for Education Research – Tuesda Roberts/Dorinda J. Carter Andrews: A Critical Race Analysis of the Gaslighting Against African American Teachers: Considerations for Recruitment and Retention – John B. Diamond: The Resource and Opportunity Gap: The Continued Significance of Race for African American Student Outcomes – María C. Ledesma/Daniel Solórzano: Naming Their Pain: How Everyday Racial Microaggressions Impact Students and Teachers – Tara M. Brown: The Racialization of Threat: Responding to the Punishment and Purging of Black and Latina/o Youth in School – María del Carmen Salazar: Disrupting the Standard Education Storyline for Latin@ Students Across the P-20 Educational System: Sustaining the Alma (Soul) of the Latin@ Community Through a Counterstory of Access to the Culture of Power and the Power of Culture – Bettie Ray Butler/Chance W. Lewis: African American Politics and Education: An Analysis of Electoral Structures, African American Representation, and Educational Outcomes – Walter R. Allen: Afterword.