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Paradigms of Research for the 21st Century

Perspectives and Examples from Practice


Antonina Lukenchuk

What is research and who is a researcher? Why engage in research and what can be its value? How do we come to know what lies beyond our horizons? Paradigms of Research for the 21st Century opens the door for wondering about these and other questions pertaining to the nature and process of educational research. It offers an insightful and detailed account of Western and non-Western philosophical traditions and perspectives on reality, knowledge, and values that have been responsive to past and present developments of educational research in North America. These accounts form a paradigm – a system of inquiry, a model, or a way of knowing. Empirical-analytic, pragmatic, interpretive, critical, poststructuralist, and transcendental paradigms are distinguished as an alternative to a quantitative-qualitative typology of paradigms in educational research. This book can be used for introductory and advanced research methods courses at the master’s and doctoral levels.
Contents: Baudelaire K. Ulysse/Antonina Lukenchuk: Presaging Educational Inquiry: Historical Development of Philosophical Ideas, Traditions, and Perspectives – Antonina Lukenchuk/Baudelaire K. Ulysse: Epistemology and Philosophy of Science: Traditions, Perspectives, and Controversies – Antonina Lukenchuk/Eileen Kolich: Paradigms and Educational Research: Weaving the Tapestry – Vladimir Trostin: The Passage beyond Self: An Autoethnographic Journey into My Cultural Roots, Personal and Educational Transformations – Matthew A. Woolsey: Sociocultural Perspectives of First-Generation Asian Indian Leaders in U.S. Higher Education: An Ethnographic Study – Maria E. Hernandez-Rodriguez: Hermeneutics of Hispanic Parenthood: Reframing Conceptions through Personal Voices – Christine L. Kramp Pfaff: In Pursuit of Change: A Study of a Principal’s Application of Transformational Leadership Strategies – Regina Schurman: Is There a Model for Success? Exploring Sustainable Professional Employment among Clinical Exercise Physiology Program’s Graduates – Anne Perry/Nancy W. Bentley: The Impact of Cognitive Information Processing on the Career Decision Making of First-Year College Students – Eirini Adamopoulou: Greek Parents’ Perceptions and Experiences Regarding Their Children’s Learning and Social-Emotional Difficulties – Andrea Lehmacher: Successful Practices and Models of Enrollment Management in Illinois Community Colleges: An Explanatory Mixed-Methods Research Case Study – Krista Robinson-Lyles: Paradigmatic Consciousness Raising: What Moves Me – Baudelaire K. Ulysse: Culling Methodological Tools, Honing Research Skills: A Paradigm of Critical Discourse Analysis on Neoliberalism – Sharon Duncan: Locked Gates and Chain-link Fences: A Generational Phenomenological Story of Disability.