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Communication and the Economy

History, Value and Agency


Joshua S. Hanan and Mark Hayward

This collection brings together established and emerging scholars in communication studies to examine the relationship between communication and the economy in contemporary society.
Providing context for ongoing debates in the field as well as opening new areas of research, the collection brings a sense of continuity and coherency to an area of study that, until recently, has received little commentary at the level of disciplinary objectives and commitments.
Through concrete case studies and theoretically informed essays, the chapters explore a range of important disciplinary topics – from the rhetoric of economics to the role of language in mediating financial crises.
Written with an eye towards engaging a wide audience, this collection is a welcome addition to any course that focuses on the relationship between culture, the economy and communication including the rhetoric of economics, political economy and communication and cultural studies of the economy.
Contents: Mark Hayward: Political Economy and Cultural Studies: Methodological Reflections on The Economic in U.S. Communication Studies – Sarah E. Dempsey/David Carlone: Autonomist Marxism and the Contributions of Generative Dialogue – Joshua S. Hanan: From Economic Rhetoric to Economic Imaginaries: A Critical Genealogy of Economic Rhetoric in U.S. Communication Studies – James Arnt Aune: From Corax to Coase: Rhetoric and Rational Choice Theory – Michael Kaplan: The Communicative Efficacy of Markets – Jodi Dean: Communicative Capitalism: This is What Democracy Looks Like – Richard Maxwell/Toby Miller: Books: Culture, Economy, Environment – Catherine Chaput: The Rhetorical Situation and the Battle for Public Sentiment: How Friedman Overtook Galbraith at the Dawn of Neoliberalism – Pamela Conners/Ryan Solomon: The Business of School Board Deliberation – Nneka Logan/M. Lane Bruner: The Supreme Court and Money as Speech: A Rhetorical Analysis of Landmark Corporate Speech Rights Rulings – Ronald Walter Greene/Sara Holiday Nelson: Struggle for the Commons: Communicative Labor, Control Economics, and the Rhetorical Marketplace – Nico Mouton/Sine N. Just: Deceiving Knaves or Deluded Fools? Communication as a Cause of the Financial Crisis – Mark Hayward/Joshua S. Hanan: Afterword: Where are We Now? Historicizing Contemporary Research on the Economy in Communication Studies.